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Monarch Eggs, Larvae (Caterpillars), and Pupae

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Monarch Eggs and/or Caterpillars
Usually available from June thru September, our Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars (larvae) are great for home or school rearing projects. Butterfly rearing is educational and rewarding for youth and adults alike and Monarch butterflies are easy to raise. In just 25 to 32 days, Monarch metamorphosis [life stages: from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult butterfly] is completed. And no matter what your age, you will be fascinated by the process!

Sporadically, throughout the summer, we might also offer Black Swallowtail, Giant Swallowtail, Painted Lady, American Lady, or Red Admiral caterpillars. When, and if, these caterpillars are available, you will be able to order them from this page (just scroll down the page until you see them listed). The USDA governs which states we are permitted to ship each butterfly species to, so unless you live in one of the states we are permitted to ship that particular caterpillar to, do not place an order. We will not ship your order and will charge you a $2.00 service charge to cancel your order and refund your payment. 

   We do not sell butterfly eggs and caterpillars (larvae) which were taken from the wild. Our eggs and caterpillars are gathered from our butterfly rearing facility located inside our greenhouse. Inside our rearing facility, we closely monitor the butterflies to assure that their environmental and nutritional needs are being met. They are also protected from the predators and diseases which lurk in the outdoors.

We do have Monarch pupae (chrysalises) available for shipping! Please scroll down to order.
We do not accept phone orders or purchase orders. 
All orders must be accompanied by payment.  No payment = no shipment.

Important Note: Do not consider ordering Monarch caterpillars (larvae) unless you have access to at least twelve fully grown Milkweed (Asclepias) plants. Your caterpillars will require much more milkweed than we will ship with your order. Indeed, the caterpillars might need fresh milkweed leaves immediately upon delivery to you. Aside from Milkweed plants, you will also need a suitable rearing  chamber (a 10 gallon aquarium with screened lid or a Popup, like those offered on our 'Popup Cages' page).

If you do not have a supply of Milkweed plants but you still want to rear Monarch caterpillars later this summer, please order Tropical Milkweed plants from the 'Milkweed Plants' page of our web site. The Tropical Milkweed plants should be received at least a month before you place an order for Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars so that the plants will have time to grow larger before the caterpillars arrive. Eight to 10 of our Tropical Milkweed plants should be enough to feed 10 caterpillars, so long as you receive the plants a month before you order the Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars.   
If you are going to use our Tropical Milkweed plants as caterpillar food, I suggest you keep the plants in pots (not plant them in the garden), repotting them into larger pots as their root systems require. You could keep the plants potted individually (repotting each plant into a 6" pot) or you could plant two or three of the small plants into 10" - 12" pots. Keep the potted plants in full sun and water as necessary (which might be every day once the plants grow larger).  Then when your caterpillars need Milkweed, put a potted plant into the Popup (or whatever you are using as a rearing chamber). You might want to pull a plastic bag up over the pot and wrap a twist tie around the bag near the stem/soil line of the plant. This way you can lay the plant down if necessary and not have to worry about soil spilling from the pot and on to the floor of the rearing container. Because the leaves of Tropical Milkweed will wilt fast if cut off the plant, it is best to keep the leaves on the plant, putting a whole potted plant into the Popup.

Monarch eggs, caterpillars, larvae

10 Monarch eggs and/or Caterpillars (larvae) $20.00

If you have a suitable rearing chamber (example: a small aquarium with screened lid) and access to lush, green milkweed plants (Common Milkweed, Swamp Milkweed, or Tropical Milkweed), you might want to order our  10 Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars (sorry, no choice between eggs or caterpillars). Your eggs and/or caterpillars will be shipped on a potted Milkweed plant OR on fresh cut Milkweed leaves (our choice, not yours). Rearing instructions included with order but please also refer to the 'Monarch Life Cycle' and 'Raising Monarchs' pages of the web site for more information.

are permitted to ship Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars on potted Milkweed plants to the following states:  Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey,
New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. If you live in one of these states your eggs and/or caterpillars will be shipped on either a potted Milkweed plant or cut Milkweed. Our choice, not yours.
We are permitted to ship Monarch caterpillars (not eggs) on cut Milkweed (not potted Milkweed) to the following states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.
Do not place an order unless you live in one of the states we are permitted to ship Monarchs to.
Your order will not be shipped and we will charge you  a $1.00 service charge to cancel your order and refund payment.

We ship USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail. Once you place an order, please watch your email closely for updates on the status of your order. Depending upon supply and demand, your order might ship within  hours of receipt, but it might not ship for 7 - 10 days.

Sold Out of Monarch eggs and/or caterpillars for the 2021 season. We will not have any more available until May, 2022.

Monarch pupae, chrysalis

Monarch  Chrysalises (Pupae)    5 for $25.00

You don't have access to Milkweed plants but you would like to see a newly emerged Monarch butterfly (maybe even see the butterfly emerge from its chrysalis)? Then this is for you! You will receive Monarch chrysalises (pupae)--- from which should emerge five majestic Monarch butterflies in just a few days. When the butterflies are able to fly, just release them outdoors.
Upon delivery, you should put the chrysalises in a container (a plastic or cardboard box that is at least 5" high) lined with paper towels and covered with window screen or tulle (available in fabric stores).  You could also lay them along the bottom edges of a small Popup Cage (shown below) or similar mesh, screen, or netted container.

are permitted to ship Monarch chrysalises to the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, and West Virginia. 
We are not permitted by the USDA to ship to other destinations. Sorry, no exceptions.
Do not order Monarch chrysalises from us if your state is not listed above. We will not ship  your order and will charge you a $1.00 service charge to cancel your order and refund your payment. 

If you have never raised Monarch butterflies, please visit the 'Monarch Life Cycle' page and also the 'Raising Monarchs' page before you place an order. I highly suggest that you also download the PDF (a slide show) entitled Raising OE-Free Monarchs from the 'Raising Monarchs' page. Within the slides of this PDF, whether you're a beginner or a pro at raising Monarchs, you will likely find some tips that will improve your rearing operation and increase your success.

 Sporadically throughout the summer, we might have these larvae (caterpillars) available for shipping:
When available, shopping cart buttons will appear to allow ordering. No shopping cart button = cannot be ordered.

Some American Indians believed that for a wish to come true, you had to capture a butterfly, whisper your wish to it, and then set the butterfly free. The butterfly would carry your wish to Heaven, where the Creator could decipher the message and grant the wish.

Two ways to order: (1) Utilize our on-line shopping cart or  (2) print our online order form, fill it out, and then mail it to us, along with your check or money orderWe do not accept phone orders. Some of the features of our online shopping cart fail to work correctly with some Internet Service Providers. If you have problems using our shopping cart, please print our order form, fill it out, and then mail it to us. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
 Quantities are limited. Orders will be reserved to fill orders in the sequence in which orders are received.
Monarch eggs, caterpillars, larvae, pupae, chrysalises, rearing kits, butterfly farming

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