Butterflies for Wedding Releases

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     Some American Indians believed that for a wish to come true, you had to capture a butterfly, whisper your wish to it, and then set the butterfly free. The butterfly would carry your wish to Heaven, where the Creator was able to decipher the message and grant the wish.

   Weddings are perfect for butterfly releases, sending wishes for the bride and groom off on the wings of butterflies.

   Butterfly releases are also great for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, and grand openings. A butterfly's beauty, charm, and grace will add a special touch to any special occasion.

   For an extraordinary gift, consider the addition of a few butterflies to a basket of fresh cut flowers or silk blossoms. Butterflies might also be placed inside an ornate bird cage that is covered with tulle, lace, or organza.

 We have been rearing butterflies since 1993. Our butterflies are well cared for:  housed in a greenhouse filled with their favorite nectar sources, provided with fresh air, and  given access to sugar water (which is highly nutritious to butterflies). They are protected from predators, insecticides, and harsh weather. 
   Our interest in butterflies goes far beyond raising them for profit. We are actively involved in butterfly conservation and education, and we have been avid butterfly gardeners for over 30 years. We love butterflies! The well being of butterflies, both in our butterfly nursery and in the wild, is of great importance to us.
   We offer Monarch, Painted Lady, and American Lady butterflies for release at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, etc. If you live within driving distance of central PA, we suggest you come here to pick up the butterflies. If not, we are permitted to ship them to most  of the states that lie east of the Rocky Mountains.
   You may wish to release your butterflies from envelopes, or you might choose to purchase one of our beautiful sinamay boxes or baskets (which can be used for display and release). Whatever method you choose, the butterfly release will likely be an experience long remembered.
   We should have butterflies available for release from June thru September in 2023. Orders should be placed several weeks ahead of time, but sometimes we can handle last-minute requests too. We require a 50% down payment at the time of ordering, with the balance due ten days prior to pick-up or shipping.
   If you might like to place an order for butterflies, please send us an email with "Butterfly Release" in the subject line. Tell us the date of your event and the number of butterflies you would like to purchase. Include your name and address and we will then mail to you an information packet with an order form which you will have to fill out and mail back to us. Once we receive the order form and down payment, your order is placed.

Monarchs have a wingspan of 3 1/2 to 4 1/2".
$9.50 each
$105.00 dozen
$295.00 for 3 dozen
American Ladies have a wingspan of 2" to 3".
$7.00 each
$80.00 dozen

(not available every year)
Painted Ladies have a wingspan of 2" to 3".
$7.00 each
$80.00 dozen

(not available every year)

By May, there should be (right here) photos of the various sinamay boxes and baskets we will have available this year.

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During our busy shipping season (May 1 thru September 30), please email, don't call.

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